G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon

An Autonomous Institute & Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University Jalgaon

NAAC Accredited Grade "A" with CGPA 3.09”

DTE Code : 5152

When deciding on selecting an top engineering colleges in maharashtra, students are not aware of the many factors that need to be kept in mind. Choosing an engineering college is a major decision of a student’s life as the complete career depends on the higher studies and the B. Tech degree from a reputed colleges.

Here are a few reasons on why one should choose G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon for pursuing engineering degree.

  • College Accreditation

    One of the major factor to consider while selecting a college is the Accreditation received by the institute. Studying engineering in top autonomous engineering colleges in Maharashtra can serve to be an advantage for students. There are many benefits of studying in a top engineering colleges in Maharashtra as there is complete liberty to the college for curriculum design and exams. GHRIBM jalgaon is one such autonomous engineering college in maharashtra that can be one of your choice to pursue engineering.

  • Geographical Location

    Studying in a pleasant environment can be very effective in learning. Jalgaon located in the north-west Maharashtra and is popularly know as the “Banana City”. The attractive points of living in Jalgaon are soothing and diverse weather, high quality education and beauty of the hills and Satpuda mountains in the north. There are top autonomous engineering colleges in Maharashtra like the GHRIBM, jalgaon that are situated in here that provide great quality of education.

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is one of the factors that impress the student to select a college. While talking about infrastructure it doesn’t mean the size of the college building, we need to see the capacity of students that the college infrastructure can cater to. G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon provides you with the best quality library facility, laboratory, classrooms, computer labs that are helpful to students for the complete four years engineering program.

  • Structured Curriculum

    GHRIBM is a top autonomous engineering college jalgaon and hence the college authorities have the complete right to design and update the curriculum of engineering with reference to the changing trend in the industry. The highly structured syllabus makes the students completely trained in gaining the knowledge and applying the engineering principals in real life.

  • Faculty

    The teaching in the colleges depends on the professionals they have for educating the students. GHRIBM, Jalgaon has a well-trained faculty members who look after the overall growth of the students. Being an autonomous college they have the independence to get the experienced faculty members who have proven knowledge in guiding the engineering students and make them future ready according to the industry standards.

  • Programs offered

    G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon gives an ample programs in engineering to offer the students. Students can select the specialization in engineering according to their interest. The admissions can be done easily on the basis of the merit score and the entrance exam score attained by the students.
    Below are listed a few Engineering Streams offered by the top engineering college in Maharashtra

    • 1. B. Tech Computer science
    • 2. B. Tech Information Technology
    • 3. B. Tech Electronics and Telecommunication
    • 4. B. Tech Artificial Intelligence
    • 5. B. Tech Civil Engineering
    • 6. B. Tech Mechanical Engineering
    • 7. B. Tech Electrical Engineering

  • Scholarships

    Financial assistance is one of the major concern for the students while taking admission in engineering. G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon offers many scholarships to the students that can help them aid their financial difficulties. There are many scholarships that the Government of Maharashtra given to the students on the merit basis. Students can apply for many numbers of scholarships available according to their overall profile and eligibility.

  • Placements and Job Opportunity

    Industry is searching for engineers who are ready to resolve problems, who will look on the far side the boundaries and beat solutions for issues. Industries have a tricky time evaluating the correct professionals with the right skill set suited to their needs. Hence companies look for individuals graduated from reputed institutes and top autonomous engineering college in Maharashtra. GHRIBM, Jalgaon has a special designed Student Placement Committee (SPC) who strives to get the best placements for the students in the college.

    Hope that the factors listed here have helped you while deciding the best engineering college in Maharashtra to pursue your engineering degree. Get future ready today and admit yourself to G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon for the most eligible course for you in engineering. In case of any queries you can visit the official website https://ghribmjal.raisoni.net and get enrolled today.

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