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“Internship- Just like footprints in the sand, each step signifies the journey taken”

For IMCA Students

A quote signifying the perks of internship completely and comprehensively! Just like every single step makes you closer to your future, the right steps during internship brings you closer to a successful future. With apt guidance provided by our faculty, a motivation which is a part of our course and knowledge with which we never cease to empower you, your internship journey will surely be one enriching experience.

The Process
  • The Masters in Computer Application is a 3 year course. The students are required to take up the internship program during the 2nd semester of the third year. The entire semester is for the students to do an internship. The students are free to find the company they want to pursue the same in. There is no language barrier with respect to this. The aspect which the students need to take into immense consideration is that their internship profile in the company should be of project development. Also, the maximum duration of the internship program can be 4 months.
  • The students need to appear for Progress seminars twice in the college during the internship tenure, after completion of 1.5 months each. It is the seminar with which they are able to portray their project status to the faculty. On completion of the internship, the students need to pursue a project presentation of their internship program. They are also required to appear for a one-to-one viva for the same. The marks are a part of the result of their MCA degree course.
Best wishes from us to you in this endeavor!
“The expert in anything was once a beginner”
-The quote

For MBA Students

Internship programs in MBA have been structured with this very aspect in mind. Impeccable excellence is pursued at our institute to ensure every aspect taken care of about in this program. It is the pertinent internship program which guides the students, gives them the first hand practical experience and motivates them in the right direction.

College education is the key which prepares the students for their life ahead. And, internship is the opportunity which is the bearer of credits to the job life.

The Perks
  • The skills- Application of the principles learnt on the daily basis, brushing of skills and practicing perseverance of the students becomes possible with the program.
  • A Preparation which always stays- The interns are subjected to an optimistic practical experience. It undoubtedly nurtures the seed of never-forgetting-knowledge. It prepares them for the recruitment market too.
  • Finance- There is some companies which provide with a stipend or other incentives during the internship program. The interns can definitely take benefit from the same. However, it is significant to remember that there are always such internship programs which do not pay any finances to their interns as well.
  • Adds to the Curriculum Vitae- with an internship program the students are able to portray an additional valuable point in their Curriculum Vitae. It adds strength to the CV with the skills learnt and project done.
  • A position in the same company- If the interns are really worthy, skillful, diligent and portray promising code of conduct, there is a high probability that the company will consider the interns for a permanent position in the future. The network and the contacts the students are able to make during the project are of immense worth.
  • The workplace culture-The internship is like a job before the real job. Hence, the interns are well acquainted with the workplace culture in a seamless manner during the course.
  • Personal development- A boost in the maturity level and the inculcation of confidence is the outcome of the internship program. It aids in developing their personality.
The Process
  • The MBA is a course for 2 years. So, the students need to appear in the summer internship program, also known as SIP after the first year. This usually falls in between the time slot of 45 days to 2 months. The companies come to the campus for taking the interns for the internship program. Post the completion of the program, a project is made and this is followed by a presentation about it by the students. This fabrication of the project and presentation, both are of immense significance to the final marks of the students.
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”- Benjamin Franklin
"The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

For BE Students

This is exactly the school of thought which is continuously being practiced here at the G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Management. We believe in nurturing students with knowledge and skills and inculcating in them leadership qualities.

Amidst a plethora of steps taken by us in this journey, internship is a leap towards better accomplishments of our students.

What does the internship include?

It is a well planned work experience associated with enhancing the personal development and academic career of a student. The management and direction for the same is pursued by the expert in the field in the industries. The students are on the receiving end of live exposure. They are able to witness the problems in the work field and find it’s first hand solution all by themselves.

We at the GHRIEM have the following norms taken care of in the realm of internship:-
  • Compulsory - We completely believe in the significance internship has in framing the career growth of the students. Thus, in accordance with our curriculum it is mandatory for all the students pursue summer internship in the 6th Semester.
  • Tenure - The tenure of this internship is so designed that it encompasses the finest of work experience, enhancing of the skills and knowledge about the subject. It is for a period of one month.
  • Post internship - Post the internship, the students are required to pursue a presentation in the Department which is required to be in a proper format. Grades/marks are provided to the students pertaining to their presentation and findings
  • Certification - The certificate which the students gain after the completion of the internship is of immense significance. It portrays their work experience and is provided by the industry.
  • Job benefits - There have been many instances wherein post completions of the internship, the students have job/service offers from the same industry. Yet again, the industry based project is offered to the students in the final year on the basis of the internship to the students. The latter is indispensable for their better grades. There are also the MOUs or the Memorandum of Understanding which directs the students to pursue better. It gives them ample benefits in the field with priority.
  • Workshops - Round the year industry workshops are held to foster the talents of the students and to make the proficient pertaining to their subjects.
At the GHRBEM every step you take brings you closer to your accomplishments.
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