23rd Student Management Game event

Pinnacle 2019

Placement Drive

स्पंदन - Sports Week

Dandiya Night

Fresher Party

Konkan Kanya Band

Raisoni Job Fair 2020

Network Lunch

Once a month, corporate style lunch is arranged and students are given different topics or cases to discuss on the tables. They are asked to share their experiences in the post lunch session. Students get an opportunity to know the skill sets of their classmates in a more casual setup


To empower youth in terms of developing their leadership and social sensitivity, which is distinctive to institute’s vision, priority and thrust.
The underlying principle of the practice is to channelize & transform youth’s energy into service of the people. It is also about inculcating positive and effective leadership among the students for the betterment of the society.

Fresher Party

Youth Festival

Blood Donation Camp

Raisoni Mandi

Raisoni Mandi thrives on the idea that any learning is incomplete until experienced by self, and is based on the twin ideals of Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics in Business Management.

Kashti - 2019