G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon

An Autonomous Institute & Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University Jalgaon

NAAC Accredited Grade "A" with CGPA 3.09”

DTE Code : 5152

Kashti - 2021

“KASHTI - 2021” is a annual gathering function organize by GHRIBM, Jalgaon on date 10 and 12 April 2021. In this function conducted for diverse event, like a singing, case study,

Women Empowermet Program - 2019

The objective of this program is to empower and give awareness regarding rights of the girl students of the institute.

Guest and Alumni Lectures - 2019

Guest of various fields are invited to share their experiences with the students so that the students are introduced to the needs of the corporate world.

Industrial Visit - 2019

This signature event of the institute takes the students to the streets of Jalgaon to try their hands on selling skills which require many other skills like communication skills, team work.

Mandi the hands on selling experience - 2019

This signature event of the institute takes the students to the streets of Jalgaon to try their hands on selling skills which require many other skills like communication skills, etc.

‘Yuvashakti ‘- Shaping leadership, seeding social sensitivity - 2019

To empower youth in terms of developing their leadership

Induction Program - 2019

The new comers get a know how of the organization which includes the culture of the institute.

Student Forum - 2019

Different student forums are formed where the students organize various activities under these forums and assist the faculty for the smooth conduct of the forum activities.

Blood Donation Camp - 2019

Blood Donation Camp Organize by Raisoni Group of Institutions, Jalgaon occasion of the Honorable Swa. Gyanchandji Raisoni were is present for Executive Director, RGI, Mr. Pritam Raisoni,

Youth Festival - 2019

Youth Festival is one of the big event for students. this event organize by G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon associate with K.B.C.N.M.U Jalgaon.

Road Sefty Awareness - 2019

"Road Sefty awareness" programme conducted by PI Mr. Ranjeet Shirsath at GHRIBM, Jalgaon. following members were present. Director Dr.preeti Agarwal madam, HOD Prof. Makarand Wath,

Dasvedaniya - 2019

DASVIDANIYA is a Russian word which in India is commonly used to say ‘GOOD BYE’. Every year institute gives a farewell party to the students of final year of all courses.

Network Lunch- ‘Either You Network or You Do Not Work’ - 2019

Once a month, corporate style lunch is arranged and students are given different topics or cases to discuss on the tables.

Mandi - 2019

MANDI - 2019, Oarganize by GHRIBM, Jalgaon on date 11 to 12 February 2019. Mandi the signature event of the institute takes the students to the streets of Jalgaon

A Workshop on MS Excel & Power Point Presentation conducted at GHRIBM, Jalgaon

MS Excel has proven to be advantageous for day to day business activities. The knowledge of Microsoft Excel has become essential for business organizations to carry out their business and reap the best results. Envisioning the importance of MS Excel & Power point Presentation,a workshop was conducted at GHRIBM, Jalgaon.

Mr. Ravi Achaliya, a renowned corporate trainer was invited as the resource person to conduct the workshop. This workshop was intended towards enriching participants, in the realm of Business Tools including MS Excel & MS PowerPoint.

The resource person focused on using advanced functions and formulas in practice in calculations in Exceldata validation, Vlookup, H Lookup, Match, Index, working with reports, conditional formatting, various financial functions, formatting excel sheets in presentable formats, representing database graphically and making it easy to analyze, standardizing & rectifying slide appearances with minimal efforts, utilizing audio video tools. In power point presentation, the trainer threw light on animation & transitions, charts & graphs, formatting, Hyper Links and Action Button etc.

In their feedback, the students expressed that it was the best platform to learn Excel & PowerPoint. It will certainly enhance their working efficiency, employability and proficiency. In all 50 students participated in the workshop. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Deepak Sharma & Prof. Gaurav Jain. Dr. Preeti Agarwal-Director- GHRIBM stated that such workshops would certainly add value to the career of the students and make them competent to face global competition.

Just Dial & Eclerx

Students placed in Just Dial & Eclerx

Job Fair 2020 was conducted at RGI, Jalgaon on 6th & 7th Feb 2020. One of the esteemed companies- Just Dial selected 4 students of GHRIBM, Jalgaon. Sharik Mohd - MBA batch 2020, Tulshan Hiwale MBA batch 2020, Rohit Patil- BCA Batch 2020 & Yogesh Patil- BCA Batch 2020. The students will be joining the company as ‘Certified Internet Consultant’.

Also one student of MBA batch 2020- Shubham Wanle has been selected in Eclerx for Mumbai location. He will be working as Analyst in the company.

In their feedback the students heartily expressed their gratitude towards the Director, faculty members and Placement Cell of RGI for providing an opportunity to start their career with such renowned companies.

Dr. Preeti Agarwal- Director- GHRIBM congratulated the placed students and extended her best wishes for their bright career ahead.

Robinhood Army

Robinhood Army visits GHRIBM, Jalgaon

27th Jan 2020: As a part of CSR activity, GHRIBM, Jalgaon invited the Robin Hood army with some less fortunate kids at the college campus. The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based zero-funds organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community to serve less fortunate people.

Dr. Preeti Agarwal stated that the objective of conducting this activity is to inculcate the spirit of social responsibility among the students and make them socially sensitive citizen of the country.

The Robin Hood army visited the institute along with some less fortunate kids. The kids were taken to a campus tour including classrooms, playground, gymnasium, sports room where they actually experienced sports and many other activities.

Refreshment was arranged for the kids in the college canteen where they enjoyed the delicious dishes together with the Robin Hood army, faculty members and students of the institute. In their feedback, the students said that it was really a touching and sensible experience. This activity has certainly triggered the sense of serving the under privileged people of our society.

Independance Day

Republic Day Celebrated At Rgi, Jalgaon Campus

The 71st Republic Day was celebrated in Raisoni Institute, Jalgaon Campus. The staff members and the students assembled in the Campus in a Patriotic atmosphere where all were dressed in white and patriotic songs were being playing in the background.

The dignitaries soon arrived and as per the tradition of the Institute, the flag was hoisted at the hands of the University Toppers. The Tri-color was unfurled at the hands of the topper in the University Ms. Shradha Chawla- MBA and Ms. Manisha Redasni- MBA as per the tradition of the Institute in the presence of Director of GHRIBM- Dr. Preeti Agrawal, Principal of GHRIEM- Dr. A. G. Mathew, and Principal of G H Raisoni Junior College- Dr. Pralhad Kharate.

The director, in her message, expressed a deep concern for the youth of today. She said that the youth lacked proper direction and strongly appealed to them to understand and play their role with great responsibility in the building of the nation. She further said we should be proud to be born in free India. Be proud to be born in India. You can do your bit by from anywhere you live. She briefed the students about the challenges we are facing and guided as to what we as a young nation can do for our country.

The students too in their speeches talked of their responsibilities towards the nation.

The program ended with patriotic songs sung by students where hands and feet of all present tapped to the rhythm of the songs. The program was anchored by Prof. Rafik Shaikh & Rahul Trivedi.

Dabbawalas Dabbawalas

Open Forum of Six Sigma Certified Mumbai “Dabbawalas”

In keeping with the Raisoni trend of organizing events for the benefit of student community, an open forum with Mumbai Dabbawalas was organized by GHRIBM, Jalgaon.

The program began with the auspicious ‘Deep Prajwalan’ by the dignitaries, the Head of ‘Mumbai Dabbawala Association, Shri Subhash Talekar, Mr. Pritam Raisoni - Executive Director- RGI, Dr. Preeti Agarwal- Director- GHRIBM & Mrs. Rajul Raisoni and the heads of department Prof. Makarand Wath and Prof. Rafik Shaikh.

Dr. Preeti Agarwal while talking about Mumbai Dabbawalas she said, ‘the Mumbai Dabbawalas who were awarded the Six Sigma have been endorsed by the prestigious ‘Forbes’ magazine and the noble Prince Charles was the brand ambassador for the Dabbawalas. She further said this association was the synonym for commitment and dedication, where no technologies were used till late and the association needed no branding. Here all 5000 employees were the owners.

The wonder of Dabbawallas was unfolded by the Six Sigma certified ‘MUMBAI DABBAWALAS Shri Subhash Talekar. He spoke on Supply Chain Management.

Shri Gangaram Talekar took charge of the mike in a very light hearted and jovial style unfolded the wonder of Dabbawallas. He kept the audience lively through some ‘shers de occasion’. He talked about the error free working of the organization, the six sigma way, cost of service, their approach towards work, Discipline etc. In his talk, he shared the commitment of the dabbawallas in their routine work. How rain, wind or other calamities were no excuse from work. A wonderful message was passed through him when he said absenteeism from work without information meant a fine of Rs. 1000. ‘One link missing breaks the whole chain’ he said.

Speaking on the awards and felicitations received by them Shri Talekar said they had the world record for best Time Management, they were recognised by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records , registered with Ripley’s ‘Believe it or not.’. After the session, students asked many queries which were wittily satisfied by Mr. Talekar.

In view to acknowledge the hard efforts of Dabbawalas working in Jalgaon, GHRIBM felicitated the Jalgaon Dabbawals at the hands of Shri Subhash Talekar, Mr. Pritam Raisoni, Dr. Preeti Agarwal & Mrs. Rajul Raisoni.

Renowned entrepreneurs, industry personnel, professional from various fields and students attended the program.

  • Family Managed Business
  • Family Managed Business
  • Family Managed Business
  • Family Managed Business

“Raisoni Mandi–Behtar Padhai Ke Liye Kamai”

‘Raisoni Mandi’- the unique teaching methodology where ‘Learning becomes Self Discovery’ was executed at the GHRIBM Jalgaon campus on 31st Jan & 1st Feb 2020. Empowering the students of GHRIBM with ground realities of the Market and, developing the Business acumen, Raisoni Mandi – the Brain Child of Director Preeti Agrawal was conceived as an experiential learning project a decade back.

The long awaited Mandi began with a lot of enthusiasm. The Eminent Guests for the event were Mr. Anil Kankriya- MD- Navajeevan Supershop and Mr. Girish Sisodia- MD- Sudhan Polymers. In her opening address Dr. Preeti Agarwal stated that Raisoni Mandi had a twofold purpose because besides helping students understand and discover management wisdom through practical application, it worked for a social cause. The educational and unique products which are not available in shops are purchased from an NGO ‘Navnirmiti’ who works for the health and education of the underprivileged children.

Mr. Anil Kankriya in a very lively manner gave valuable tips on salesmanship. He said one must focus on language skills, timing, grabbing customer attention etc. Each selling tip was explained with examples and in a humorous style.

Mr. Girish Sisodia threw light on Self confidence, product knowledge, targeting the customer and positioning the product, importance of prospecting, objective handling and negotiation. The tips given by both the guests proved to be very useful for selling the products.

Thus a product training session was conducted by faculty members & senior students, before the students could set out in the open for trying their skills.

The students after being trained in the product training were left to various spots in the Raisoni buses for selling the products. The buses left after the Flagging off by dignitaries.

All of them found this event a unique event which they said was the best example of practical application of theoretical knowledge. They gave very useful tips to students for the selling of products and wished the students success for their very first selling experience. In fact they proved to be the first customers to buy the products.

The students all bubbling with excitement rushed on streets to sell their products where their theoretical knowledge of consumer behavior, market research, segmentation & targeting besides other skills communication, street smartness, negotiation skills & many more were put to test. After trying their hands on selling skills for the whole day the students returned to college with loads of experience on the streets.

Students having hands on experience of selling

The Feedback

Students shared that it was very difficult to convince people & that doing business was not an easy job. They realized the importance of knowing a product before it is sold. It was through the direct selling that they realized what products are to be sold to which age group and the importance of packaging. They further could analyze why certain products could be sold & why certain products could not be sold.

This Raisoni Mandi was conceptualized and directed by Dr. Preeti Agarwal- Director GHRIBM, Jalgaon, the whole administration & accounting of the event was handled by the Students & Co-ordinated by the faculty members of Management department.

Fammily Managed Business

Open Forum on “Family Managed Business”

GHRIBM, Jalgaon in association with Asian Institute of Family Managed Business, Mumbai organized an open forum with Prof. Samish Dalal on the topic ‘Family Managed Business’ on 6th Feb. 2020.

Prof. Samish Dalal is an Associate Professor at SP Jain School of Global Management and a renowned TEDx speaker. Dignitaries Mr. Mahendra Raisoni- CMD- Shradha Industries, Prof. P. P. Mahulikar- Pro-Vice Chancellor- KBC North Maharashtra University, Mr. Avinash Jain-Joint Director- Jain Irrigations System Ltd., Mr. Pritam Raisoni- Executive Director- RGI, Mrs. Rajul Raisoni, Dr. Preeti Agarwal- Director- GHRIBM, Dr. A G Mathew- Principal- GHRIEM were present on the dais. After the lamp lighting ceremony, Mr. Mahendra Raisoni felicitated Prof. Samish Dalal with a floral bouquet and memento as token of appreciation.

In her opening address Dr. Preeti Agarwal stated that, the backbone of our economy in Family Managed Business houses. These businesses are changing, responding to the changes in business environment. She talked about the issues and challenges faced by such businesses like succession planning, leadership, working style, etc. She said that the objective of organizing this open forum is to throw light on the various aspects of running a family managed business and inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.

In his interactive and humorous session, Prof. Dalal stated that failure is common to all; it’s the perseverance which would make a difference. Life is not to be taken seriously but sincerely. Problems in one’s life or path of achieving our goals is common for all ,what makes a difference is the way we see it. He also mentioned that we all are full of weaknesses but that’s alright, we all need to find out that one strength which we are best at. He also added that everyone needs to have a Mentor in their life so that while one take a leap toward their ambitions, they have a mentor to guide them through and also a coach is not one who gives the answers but he will be the one who comes up with right questions. He also added that one should always look for a critic who can be converted as a coach. A person who feels appreciated will do more than what is expected. Thus let’s learn to appreciate.

Renowned entrepreneurs, Professionals, media persons, personnel from industries, students etc. were present for the program. Prof. Samish Dalal brought a great alacrity to the event. The students as well as the other guests enjoyed this fun filled interaction. He brought an entire change of perception in the audience.


“KASHTI 2020” The Management and Cultural Week organized at GHRIBM, Jalgaon

Kashti 2020- the Management and Cultural Week was celebrated in GHRIBM, Jalgaon from 3rd to 5th Feb. 2020. The three days were packed with various Competitions and Management events bringing out the potential of the students. Addressing the students, in her opening speech, Dr. Preeti Agarwal- Director said ‘it is such events that give all students an exposure to divulge their talent and develop competitive spirit. Such events also keep the future Managers abreast of the latest.’ She appealed the students to participate in maximum numbers and reveal their flair. On the 3rd Feb. were arranged various events which included Rangoli, face- painting, Kal ka Nayak Board Room Battle to show case the talent of students. Kal ka nayak – This popular Management Event is an attempt to create Leaders for tomorrow. A video clip of 2-3 minutes is played for the participant. He has to identify the issue and talk on the same for 2 minutes. The participations addressed many social issues. The event had a twofold objective. The first objective was to increase the student awareness about social issues and the second one was to encourage Presentation skills in students.

The Singing Competition was conducted with lot of enthusiasm. Students had a golden opportunity to showcase their talent through singing. Right from Classical to pop songs were sung. A quiz including the questions on Bollywood and questions about current awareness and business world was played by the participants. Various interesting rounds were played in Antakshari. Students of all classes participated in great numbers. It was a stock market battle where the teams played virtually. Amount of 10 lacs was allotted to each team and they had to purchase and sell stock. Team securing maximum profit was declared to be the winner.

On the 5th Feb. was the Dance Competition. There were Western, Folk and Classical Dances. Solo and Group dances were performed in the Dance Competition. The crew of Kashti consisted of MBA and MCA Faculty Members and Student Coordinators who took every effort to make the event a grand success.

  • Family Managed Business
  • Family Managed Business
  • Family Managed Business
  • Family Managed Business

GHRIBM, Jalgaon Organized 6th National Conference on “Innovation & Tech.:Disrupting Businesses, Transforming Market”

The 6th National Conference of GHRIBM, Jalgaon was organized on 22nd March 2019. The theme of the Conference was 'Innovation and Technology: Disrupting Businesses, Transforming Market.' The Inaugural Ceremony: The inaugural ceremony started at 10:30 am in the seminar hall of the institute. Mr. Pramod Sancheti- CMD-Winley Polymers, Jalgaon and Mr. Niranjan Bhatwal- CMD- Sinic Group- Dhule were invited as the Key Note Speakers of the Conference. The inaugural ceremony started with the lamp lighting. Guests along with the Director- Dr. Preeti Agarwal, Conveyors of the Conference- Prof. Makarand Wath & Prof. Tanmay Bhale lighted the lamp. In her welcome address, Dr. Preeti Agarwal- Conference Chair said that, Innovation and Transformation is the need of the hour. The business is changing very rapidly and coping with the change & technology is the only way to sustain in the competition. Further she said that the objective of organizing this Conference is to provide a platform where knowledge can be shared and research can be promoted. She quoted the examples of Uber, Oyo rooms, Apple etc. Mr. Pramod Sancheti in his address stated that one should have vision in his business and he has to overcome all the hurdles to get success. He threw light on the drivers of the market namely price, quality and innovation. In his opinion, a business should be customer friendly and requires consistent research to face the constant changes taking place in the needs and wants of the customers. He also talked about the transformation and change in technology, reducing cost as a competitive advantage, acceptance of products and services in market etc. He quoted the examples of Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pepsi, Coco Cola, Inox, PVR etc. while talking on innovation and transformation. He shared his real life journey that stated from a small village of Jamner in Jalgaon district till the overseas- Japan, Ethiopia, South Africa and other parts of the globe. 'Being Different, Innovative and thinking out of the box is the key to success' were the words of Mr. Niranjan Bhatwal. The speaker focused on strong willingness to be successful, importance of pricing strategy, targeting customers, segmentation of the market, positioning the product, creating brand image in the market, risk management etc. He also talked about the importance of first mover advantage, strategic business units, negotiation skills etc. Mr. Bhatwal shared some examples of his business, challenges he faced, application of innovative ideas in business etc. Research Papers were presented on the following tracks. Tracks of the Conference: 1. Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Business 2. Dynamics of Marketing 3.Human Resource Development for Excellence 4.Financial Challenges 5. Information and Communication Technology Management 6 Science & Engineering. Technical Sessions: Dr. Ajay Patil- Associate Professor- School of Computer Science- Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University and Dr. R.B. Wagulde- Principal- DNCVP's Arts, Commerce of Science College, Jalgaon were invited as the Session Chair of the technical sessions. Some of the research papers presented in the Conference were PeeSafe- An innovative Creation from distinguished Health Start Up of India- Author- Dr. R R. Chavan- KBC NMU, Bio-mimicry for an Enterprise AI- Author- Mr. Nikhil Malhotra – Tech Mahindra, Dissecting the BOT frameworks, Author- Mr. Saket Apte- Tech Mahindra, An Empirical Study of Preferences of students towards Higher Education Management Institutions in North Maharashtra Region- Author- Prof. Tanmay Bhale, Service Quality in Hospital Industry- Author- Prof. Makarand Wath, IOT Based Automatic Waste Management System Authors - students of GHRIEM and many more research papers were presented in the conference. More than sixty research papers were received from various fraternities like students, academicians, corporate delegates, Ph.D scholars from Banglore, Pune, Udgir, Nagpur etc. All the Research Papers will be published in UGC approved journal. The compering of the program was done by Prof. Rahul Trivedi and the vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Tanmay Bhale.

Annual Prize Distribution

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony Organized at GHRIBM, Jalgaon

The Annual Prize Distribution ceremony was organized at GHRIBM, Jalgaon. Mr. Prem Kogta- Director-Kogta Global Pvt ltd., C. A. Smita Bafna-President-CA Association-Jalgaon, Shri Avinashji Raisoni-Vice Chairman-RGI, Mr. Pritam Raisoni- Executive Director, Dr. Preeti Agarwal- Director- GHRIBM and Dr. A. G. Mathew- Principal- GHRIEM were present for the program. After the formal welcome of the guests, in her opening address, Dr. Preeti Agarwal stated that this program aims at acknowledging the achievements of the students in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted throughout the year. It also inspires the other students to participate in all activities and develop themselves. In his talk, Mr. Prem Kogta said that India is the country of youth. Students' talent in various fields is revealed through competitions. Today India is carving her name in all fields. He appealed the students to acquire new skills and knowledge and showcase it. He also appealed them to contribute to the nation's growth and shoulder the responsibility of a socially aware & responsible citizen. He intensely appreciated the initiatives and endeavors of Raisoni Institute for the 360 degree development of its students. In her interactive and motivational talk, CA Smita Bafna focused on the significance of attitude, behavior and character in a student's life. She extended her best wishes to all the students and inspired them to achieve heights in their career. The prizes were given away for the below mentioned categories. 'Student of the Year' award was bagged by Chinmay Atale & Harshita Verma- BBA III, Bhagyesh Tripathi & Simran Jadhwani- BCA III, Harshal Agrawal & Shraddha Chawla- MBA II, Anis Khan & Sakshi Agrawal- MCA III. Students were awarded for excellent academic record, attendance, behavior and their participation in various activities. Prizes were given away for various competitions in Kashti- viz. face painting, case study, solo dance, group dance, singing, Antakshari, Kal Ka Nayak, Rangoli, greeting cards etc. Winners in sports like Cricket, box cricket, badminton, table tennis, carom, chess, running race, tug of war etc. were also awarded. All the winners were awarded with trophy and certificate at the hands of the dignitaries. Mr. Rahul Trivedi compered the program. CS Rajkumar Kankariya coordinated the event.

Stock Market

A Live Demonstration on Stock Market

It was a demand of the MBA students that a session on stock market be conducted. This demand of the students was fulfilled by Prof. Prashant Deshmukh who took a session on Basics of Stock Market. Here he explained the basic terms and concepts related to stock market in a very simple manner, taught how to take shares and bid for shares with the help of money control. A live stock market session was conducted which was a unique feature of the session. Prof. The objective was to bring about a Financial awareness among students. The session was highly informative and appreciated by students and some faculty members who attended the session. In all 61 students attended the session.

MBA First Year Students

Live Project by MBA First Year Students

All the students of MBA I took up a Live Project assigned to them. The students were all sent to conduct Interviews of Industrialists/CEOs/GMs of reputed Companies and Groups in Jalgaon. The objective of the project was to bridge the gap between Institute and Industry. The students took up the responsibility right from seeking appointment, scheduling the interview and preparing the questionnaire for the same. The Project was co-ordinated by Prof. (CS) Raj Kankariya. He was appreciated by Director Dr. Preeti Agrawal for taking up such a project whereby student efficiency would increase. The Initiative taken by the students of Raisoni was highly appreciated by the Industrialists of MIDC Jalgaon.

Khandesh Run

Students Participated in “Khandesh Run”

A Marathon 'Khandesh Run' was organized by Jalgaon Runners Group on Sunday the 10th of Cold December. An event of such Magnitude needs a lot of spade work and for this very preparation the students from MBA volunteered themselves. The previous day and the day of the run was a herculean task for the students, they left no stone unturned to see that the program becomes a success. 40 students of Raisoni Management Institute participated as volunteers and runners in the Mega Event organized by Jalgaon Runners group. Thanks to the Mgmt of Khandesh Run and Jalgaon runners group for the wonderful opportunity. The run was for 10 km, 5km and 3 km. 3 of our students 1) Om Chugra from BBA 3rd year 2) Pratik Bhavsar from MBA year 3) Arihant Kankariya from I MCA 1st year Ran for 10k run and were awarded. It is a proud Moment for the Raisonians that they got the motivation for participation in the run from Director GHRIBM Dr. Preeti Agrawal who herself participated in the event and walked the talk that 'you should never miss any opportunity that comes your way.' The students were also motivated and guided by CS. Raj Kankariya who motivated the students to participate in the run and be volunteers for the Mega Event. A special thanks was extended to Director Dr. Preeti Agrawal and Co-ordinator Prof. (CS) Raj Kankariya for sending 40 participants for the run and making the event a grand success.

Support Team

Team Pinnacle Recognized the Work of the 'Support Team'

Pinnacle – A National Level Quiz Contest is a Signature Event of our Computer Applications Dept. An event of this level requires a lot of manpower and commitment on the part of the support Team, without the co-operation of which a program of such magnitude cannot go through. As a mark of recognition for the help extended, Team Pinnacle showed a very noble gesture by putting the work of this Team on record and motivating them by giving all of them some token of love. Director Dr. Preeti Agrawal was in high praise for the MCA Department for this gesture.

Dr. Deepak Sharma Awarded Ph.D

Faculty Dr. Deepak Sharma Awarded Ph.D

Prof. Deepak Sharma from Raisoni Group of Institutions' G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon has been awarded Ph.D by Amravati University in the Faculty of Commerce in the Subject of “Business Economics”. His Thesis is titled “An Analytical study of Industrial Sickness in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) area of Amravati Division”. He is grateful to his guide Dr. Arundhati Ninawe, HoD. Dept. of Accounts and Statistics, LRT Commerce College, Akola affiliated to Amravati University for successful completion of his Doctorate. He is thankful to Mr. Sunil Raisoni, Chairman RGI and Executive Director RGI Mr. Pritam Raisoni for their constant support. He extends his special Thanks to Dr. Preeti Agrawal, Director of G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon for constant guidance, support and Mentoring. All the Heads and Staff members congratulated him for his great Achievement. Dr. Deepak Sharma is preparing for his Post Doctorate.

Tops University in MBA

Namrata Jain & Pooja Chaudhari of GHRIBM, Jalgaon Tops University in MBA

Two Students of Batch 2015 -17 Miss. Namrata Jain & Miss. Pooja Chaudhari topped the University and are second and third toppers in they were very thankful to the faculty for their teaching and guidance. Director of G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon, Dr. Preeti Agrawal and HoD Prof. Makarand Wath along with all the faculty members congratulated Namrata & Pooja for the achievement. Soon the students will be felicitated.

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