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An Autonomous Institute & Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University Jalgaon

NAAC Accredited Grade "A" with CGPA 3.09”

DTE Code : 5152

Information technology is one of the most booming career choices in the industry globally. So if you are looking for new career opportunities then B.tech in IT should be on the top of your list. It is very important to select the best choice of career after 12th that can give a boost to you future growth in your professional life. You have to be prepared to face the new technologies and challenges in the industry, and then Information technology is the right career for you.

B.Tech in I.T is much more that just dealing with computer systems, but you gain the knowledge in converting, storing, protecting, processing, transmitting and retrieving information from systems.

If you are looking for a career in IT and with to get admitted to the top I.T engineering colleges in Maharashtra, then you need to know all the benefits that will be awarded to you in this career.

Let us look at some of the benefits and career scope in the IT industry.

Benefits and career scope in IT Engineering
  • Countless career options

    There is no industry or company that remains exempted with the need of an IT professional. Hence there is an ever growing demand of the candidate’s studies engineering in Information technology, you will be left with multiple choices to expand your career.

    On completing of the degree from top I.T engineering colleges in Maharashtra, you can expand your horizon of career in many top companies like the major Multinational Corporations like IBM, TCS, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Infosys, etc.

  • Generous salaries

    After completing your 4 year long B.Tech in Information technology degree you will get high paid salaries as compare to any other profession. All those who work in the IT industry are paid with generous salaries, the entry level salaries start with 3-6 Lakhs. With the growing experience of work in the industry there is always an exponential hike in the pay to the IT Engineers.

  • High Flexibility at work

    Another good thing about career choice in IT is that they have flexible working hours and a friendly work environment. You don’t have to be tied to the table and work, but on the other hand you get many options to work on different projects that will enhance your skills to stay updated in the industry. Most of the IT companies and MNC’s have a very good environment at work; you are not bound to work 9 to 5 on job whereas you can work according to the demand of the projects.

    There are many more benefits of entering in the IT industry it has no end, you can definitely explore them once you get in the course and start learning.


G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon welcomes student from all over India and offers the best education facilities for pursuing B.Tech in I.T. It has opened the doors for admission to the course, where the students can get admission to the course of their choice in engineering. One of the most demanded stream in engineering is IT. This autonomous institute of engineering has a record of 100% result and university toppers that makes the college one of the top I.T engineering colleges in Maharashtra.

You can get great exposure to the high class education; access to excellent computer labs, high-tech classroom facilities, and many more. We cannot miss the structured syllabus of the Information technology as it is designed by the industry experts as pet the recent trends and industry updates. GHRIBM, Jalgaon has a great record of placement in the top companies for their students.

Without a doubt B.tech in IT is one such career option that can give a right direction to one’s progress in life. You can get in contact with the GHRIBM one of the best I.T engineering colleges in jalgaon to open your doors to the path of great career opportunities in the Information Technology industry.

Hope that you have got a clear understanding on the many benefits and scope of the career in Information technology to give your future wings. Get yourself admitted to G H Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon with a hassle free process.

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