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The classrooms are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and the students. Each classroom has Internet connectivity through wireless local area network.

Computer Lab

Equipped with internet facility and Wi Fi

State of the art Library

The library is well stacked. Timing is flexible and is extended during the examination period. Institute has well developed digital library which has access to e books, National & International Journals.

Boarding Facility

The institute has the hostel facility for the boys and girls in the campus. These hostels are equipped with modern amenities and facilities for sports and recreation such as TV, indoor games and a gymnasium. Facilities for outdoor games like basketball, cricket and football is available. Separate accommodation is provided to the girl students. A round-the-clock canteen is in operation to cater to the needs of the students. The Guest House provides accommodation to Institute guests, visiting faculty and guardians of students.

Sports & Recreation

The Institute organizes different sports activities every year. Indoor sports facilities are available in the hostels. Out door games are also arranged .Our students also have a good record in inter college cricket matches. The institute arranges cultural activities for the benefit of the students. A cultural festival called “KASHTI” is organized every year.


An innovative set-up with open-air seating, the amphitheatre provides a platform for students to showcase their artistic and creative talents among other things. In the process, they get an opportunity to improve their public speaking abilities, enhance communication skills & develop their overall personality.

Brainstorm Room

The brainstorm room is a platform where the communication skills of the students are harnessed and developed. This room serves the purpose of conducting discussions, whereby some members from the corporate interact with a small group of students on various live cases and business related issues. Students can also use this room while working on various projects, presentations etc.

Recreation Center

The recreation center is a charging hub for students and faculty. They can play a game of table tennis or pool to let their muscles loose or a game of chess and carom to stimulate their gray matter. The recreation center also houses a fully equipped gymnasium.


The Cafeteria not only provides a vibrant atmosphere and unleaded fuel for the day but also is an effective way to put forth a new method called the “Cafeteria approach”. This is a new method of learning in an informal manner. It helps in nurturing interpersonal skills among students. Nutritious and healthy meals and snacks are provided with the introduction of concept of corporate lunch.

Banking & ATM Facility

ICICI Bank has been operating with 24-hour ATM facility inside the college campus. All the students and staff members are utilizing these facilities. Hence, money transactions such as transfer, withdrawal and saving are carried out with ease. Hostel students are able to use the atm at any time. Parents can transfer money to their children’s account.

Xerox Center

Xerox facility is available inside college premises.

Medical Facility

A medical doctor is available on call.

Health Care

Medical facilities are provided to the staff and students of the Institute through the HEALTH CLINIC PROGRAMS.

Technology Snap Shot

The institute has an internet connection bandwidth was upgraded to 34 mbps. It has 65KV generator for power backup. For control of voltage fluctuations 180 KVA capacity UPS is installed. The whole campus of the institute is under CCTV surveillance. For software’s the institute has a campus agreement with Microsoft, so all applications of Microsoft can be downloaded in the campus